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Mendon Pediatrics is a Rochester RHIO participating provider


What is Rochester Rhio?

Developed by local doctors, hospital systems, health insurers, and privacy officers, Rochester Rhio provides information from most of the major health care organizations in a 13-county area of New York, including thousands of health care providers, area hospitals, radiology centers, labs, and health plans.


Why use Rochester RHIO?

Rochester RHIO brings essential patient information quickly and accurately to doctors who needs it. This means faster treatment, fewer repeated tests, better coordination of care, and reduced risk of mistakes. Your medical providers can spend less time tracking down patient information and more time with you.

How do providers access your information?

Fully compliant with all applicable laws, and health information policies, including HIPAA, Rochester Rhio allows consented providers immediate access to critical information through a secure, electronic exchange protected by the most advanced safeguards available.


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