Welcome New Patients

Your child's health is as important to us as it is to you.

Welcome New Patients

Your child's health is as important to us as it is to you.

We are excited that you are considering Mendon Pediatrics for your family's healthcare needs. Our doctors and staff maintain a professional, caring and supportive environment for our patients. We consider it a great joy and commitment to care for children.

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New Patient Guidelines\Information:

In order to assist you in determining if Mendon Pediatrics is the right fit for your family, we have put together some information about our policies and procedures to help guide your decision.


  • New families will choose a Primary Care Doctor who will see them for their initial visit (see the Meet Us page to read provider profiles and to see their office hours). Subsequent Well visits will be scheduled with your PCP or our Nurse Practitioner.


  • Transferred patients: Parents will need to contact their former Provider to have records transferred to our office. Please NOTE: Transfer requests will not be initiated until records are received from your previous provider.


  • It is the responsibility of the families to know the requirements and limits of their insurance policy. See Billing and Insurance to make sure we accept your policy.


  • Families with patients age 17 yrs or older: those patients will need to transfer to an adult provider.


  • In addition to our regular weekday hours, we also have Saturday morning hours for acute visits.


  • We share call with Goodman Pediatrics and Eastside Pediatrics, as well as, utilize a licensed nursing triage service so families can always get in touch with a health care provider even when the office is closed.


  • Well Visit appointment scheduling is done online on our website for patients over the age of 3 years.


  • Siblings: up to 2 siblings may schedule consecutive Well Visit appointments on any given day.


  • In order to keep our well patients and sick patients separate, we utilize a virtual waiting room. Patients will check in via text, or via link on our website and wait in your car until we are ready to bring you into the office.


  • Screening forms are sent electronically prior to the visit via a fully HIPAA compliant service. We ask that they are completed at least 48 hours before the visit.


Vaccination Policy:

We strongly support and follow the vaccination guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Vaccines play a critical role in disease prevention within our communities. For children who are unvaccinated "the consequences may include-contracting the illness the vaccine is designed to prevent (the outcomes of these illnesses may include one of more of the following: certain types of cancer, pneumonia, illness requiring hospitalization, death, brain damage, paralysis, meningitis, seizures, and deafness; other severe and permanent effects from these vaccine-preventable diseases are possible as well), as well as, transmitting the disease to others (including those too young to be vaccinated or those with immune problems), possible requiring their child to stay out of child care or school and requiring someone to miss work to stay home with their child during disease outbreaks." - AAP

We, at Mendon Pediatrics, believe there is a distinct obligation to the families we serve to ensure that we are doing everything possible to keep children safe and healthy. At the foundation of this, is our commitment to safe and effective vaccination against preventable diseases.

Therefore, effective 05/01/2023, all new patients of Mendon Pediatrics, PLLC will be required to adhere to the AAP endorsed vaccination schedule for the entire duration of their affiliation with our practice. New patients will be required to sign an acknowledgement of this new policy before their first visit.

Thank you.


If you would like to Transfer your family to Mendon Pediatrics family, please complete the new patient forms linked here:

If you are expecting your first baby and would like to establish care at Mendon Pediatrics, please complete and submit the form below. Once your baby is born, please complete the New Patient forms linked above and call us to schedule your baby's first appointment.


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