From Cradle To College

We will be here for you.

From Cradle To College

We will be here for you.


Your pediatrician will see your baby for well visits at regular intervals for the first 2 years of their life. Our focus is nutrition, feeding, developmental milestones, immunization, parenting and safety. Your pediatrician is available for sick visits or for any other concern such as colds and colic, to ear infections and feeding problems.


Toddlers and children are seen for routine physicals annually. The focus of the preschool child is development, speech, behavior, parenting, and safety. The focus of the school age child expands to include school and learning, friends and outside activities. Your pediatrician is available for sick visits as well as assistance with school issues, behavior and care for children with chronic illnesses.


Adolescence is an exciting time of transitions from childhood to adulthood. Routine physicals are scheduled annually. Your pediatrician establishes an individual relationship with the adolescent patient. Issues important in adolescence include peer relationships, safety, school issues, and awareness of substance abuse and health education.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Meyer knows my child more than I would expect from a few visits a year and seems happy to care for her every time we see her. She is always willing to take a few extra minutes and offers great advice.

- MK

Dr. Lesic is amazing, friendly, and has a genuine concern for her patients well being and care.

- KS

We've only had good experiences with Dr. Gargan. Every visit with her has been helpful for my children.

- AG

Dr. Meyer has been a huge support and an amazing doctor!


Dr. Lesic is fantastic! Always very attentive to my children and our needs.

- AT

We HEART Dr. Gargan!


I love the "Well Child" waiting room! They also encourage us to breastfeed our babies in the exam room before leaving. We never feel rushed to leave after appointments.